Thursday, June 24, 2010

More ideas than time

That is certainly one of my problems. I have about 5 new ideas a day for things to do, and rarely any time to execute them.

1) I notice that there are a stack of neo-latin colloquia over at And some attempt to turn them in to podcasts. That was a good move, but more needs doing in that area.

2) What if we translated the old, and now out-of-copyright, McGuffey Readers into Greek and Latin? That would be a great translation challenge, and produce a huge store of useful reading material, graded, and ready for audio recording.

3) Today I started reading Donatus' Ars Grammatica. It's quite straightforward to read (in the Latin, to be clear). This is how I'd do grammar in a communicative language course: set Donatus (or Dionysius Thrax) as part of the second year of the course, alongside parallel sections of an English-language grammar (a formal grammar, not an introductory one). This is not so much a project as an illustration of how I come up with new things to do.

No new posts for a few days, but will write something more about language learning next week, to be sure.

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