Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Latin to Greek?

Is anyone aware of a Latin-to-Greek Lexicon? I've done a little bit of searching, but no success so far.

I've started working on a very helpful document. It's basically a Latin conversational guide, arranged topically, with exercises and so forth. A teaching document really. Anyway, I'm trying to port it across to Greek, because there are so few Greek resources of this kind. This is not the only kind of Latin->Greek work I have been trying my hand at. That's why a Latin-to-Greek lexicon would be really helpful. Sure, I can go Latin->English->Greek, but it's more cumbersome and often there is a closer overlap between Greek words and Latin words, that would work better in the texts.


Anonymous said...

Complura glossemata sunt e latino in graecum quorum pauca hic habe:

Unknown said...

multas gratias tibi ago! liber utilissimus est.