Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Opening up dialogue, sharing research

I've been toying with an idea for a little while, and it's about time I asked the internet for some feedback.

It's one thing to be blogging about various things, all of interest, and it's another to be working away in a graduate program doing research. The expectation of the latter is that one will work away in comparative solitude, produce something original, and then add it to the hopelessly expanding and specialising field of knowledge. And yet, research in patristics is hardly competitive pharmaceutical discoveries or the like. What gain is there really to spend three years in silence and then only once complete to say something that may or may not be timely?

The other factor on my mind is that I think well when I compose, either by writing or speaking. That's why my 3rd research subject/exam turned into 30K worth of blog posts. I needed a way to articulate my study revision in a way that would help me conceptualise.

So, I'm thinking through how to do the same with my thesis. What might it look like to blog a thesis into existence? How could I creatively open up this process to external input? What safeguards might be important in that process?


Mike W said...

not sure what safeguards you'de need, but would love you to do it anyway!

Seumas Macdonald said...

@mike there are some issues about who 'owns' research when you are a student. universities often argue "everything you do is derivative and built upon us so everything you do while our student is ours".