Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ten, that's all you need.

While waiting for some students to turn up for some English Conversation practice today, I was reading my way through Patrick Lai's excellent book, "Tentmaking: Business as Missions", and I was struck by this quote (well, paraphrase, since I didn't bring the book home and thus don't have it to hand):

It takes only ten employed believers tithing to support a pastor.

Not to say that we should only have pastors for every ten persons.
Not to say that tithing is the biblical benchmark for giving.

But, it's blindingly, obviously true. Ten employed believers tithing regularly can support a full-time Christian worker.

What does that say about our giving?


Mike W said...

well, yes, but only if they include all the costs of their own employment when they figure out the tithe, like super, insurance, tax etc

Seumas Macdonald said...

Well, yes; but many would argue that you should do that anyway!
Also, the comment is given in the context of ministry in 3rd world countries, establishing church-plants, etc.., where many such "overheads" are not relevant.