Sunday, March 28, 2010

Employ an assistant minister for a year?

Now that we're back (from Mongolia), let me give you a full glimpse of our situation. When I finished off seminary study in 2007 our plan was 3 years in a church, while finishing off the MTh, before heading overseas somewhere. Come the end of 2009 and the GFC, the church I was working in was financially unable to continue to employ all our staff, and I was out of a job.

The problem then, as now, is that we are much further down the track: we now know we want to go to Mongolia, are in the process of making all that happen, and have a rough timetable for getting there. It's one thing to say, "I'll come and work for you for 3 years, and then be heading off for overseas mission work", another to say, "I've got 18 months". We also decided it would be good for my wife to do some theological training, so suddenly we're looking for full-time work.

We approached a couple of churches, but for various reasons they said no. The time factor was not insignificant. Of course, we recognise it's better for a church worker to come and commit for longer. The longer, generally, the better.

But now we are heading towards crunch time. Ideally, my wife will start studying in July. I'll try and finish my studies by June. So now it's not 18 months to offer, it's a year. God-willing, a job of some sort will turn up. We're actually prepared to up and move to all sorts of places, though having an evangelical college for my wife to study at is kind of a limiting factor.

Plan B, so far as it goes, is to take whatever work I can manage. Secular; part-time; piecemeal; online; so long as it pays some bills and keeps a roof over our head and some food in our bellies. There's a few options floating around, but not many.

That's where we're at. I commend us to your prayers.

Here is a slightly truncated version of my CV, in case you were going to offer me a job.

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