Sunday, January 17, 2010

No promises for 2010

No promises about how often, or even what, I'll be blogging on in 2010. Good odds include: mission in Mongolia, Chrysostom stuff, maybe a sermon or three, and more Gaelic.

Instead I thought I'd let those who haven't given up here (or never tidy up their RSS feeds) get up to speed on recent goings-on in life.

From 31st December I've been unemployed. My church ran out of the money used to employ me, and I haven't come up with any alternative employment.

In light of this, I've switched my study enrolment to full-time. Hopefully 6 months full-time will allow me to finish off my MTh. The only hitch in that plan is that I'll be spending a month in Feb/Mar in Mongolia with my wife exploring some long-term mission possibilities. And that when I return I'll be looking to take up some full-time work which could cut those nominal 6 months significantly short.

Over the summer I've: had a car accident, been on holidays, led on a youth camp, done a Gaelic intensive, and am about to teach latin for a week and speak on a second youth camp.

The year ahead looks exciting, even if it gets pretty hazy in the second half. High hopes for the future though.

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