Friday, December 04, 2009

Reasons why Logos is great

(Sorry Mikey).

Reasons why Logos is awesome:

1) Commentary sets.

They're not cheap in print, are incredibly bulky, and you rarely want to read one end to end. (Jobes on 1 Peter is an exception). You do want to have an electronic version, on a laptop, for overseas mission, at a much reduced price.

2) Searchable Lexica:

Having LSJ, granddaddy of all Greek lexicons, has probably cut into 4 the time it takes me to work on patristic translation. There are few real advantages to turning the pages of a hard-copy lexicon to find the entry you want.

3) Importable Greek sermons.

Add 2 to this one, and Chrysostom translation got a lot easier. Suddenly some high-end work got a lot less labour-intensive.

I think that's the answer to Mikey's and others' criticisms. Sure, Logos always want to bundle a bunch of stuff no one wants, and sure there's a bunch of public-domain stuff there, and sure you can cripple your language skills (but that's usually one's own fault), but pick what is gold, and use it well, and bible software is for the win.


Mikey Lynch said...


Seumas Macdonald said...

Knew you'd end up here eventually.

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Michael R. Jones said...

Funny, I have 2 and 3 in Bibleworks for much less.

Seumas Macdonald said...

@ Michael

I have Bibleworks, but use it for other things. That was not the point of my post, but thanks for stopping by.