Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Those crazy ideas

I had one of those crazy ideas yesterday. It went like this, "What if I just started borrowing and reading sequential volumes of Studia Patristica? That would give me an insight into the development of Patristic studies over the last 60 years!"

So I borrowed vol.1, see how long this lasts.

In other news, I've made my way through Chrysostom's first homily on John. As homilies go, these are short, but it took me maybe 8-14 man-hours. I'm hoping to speed up! I'm becoming good friends with my Logos software, Perseus look-up, LSJ and Lampe. My current plan is to fully translate about 10 to 15 of the homilies. I've been pleasantly surprised with how often I agreed with the NPNF translation. Anyway, once I tidy it up a little I'll post it under a creative-commons licence.

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