Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Road Ahead

[I know some of my congregation members drop by occasionally. I don't mean to alarm them, if that's you]

For some time now the plan has been to head to Mongolia in 2011, with the intention of working in theological education. That process is moving forward, and my wife and I are making some formal applications with a mission organisation to that end. I'm on-track to complete my MTh in 2010, and she should be studying theology for the year.

At this stage it's unclear what our employment and living situation will be. The past two years I've been employed part-time by our current church. Things like the GFC have put the funding for my position in jeopardy, and the decision for Rachel to study means I will be looking to move to full time to support us both. At present the prospects are uncertain.

- The church may find further external funding enabling me to take up a full-time position here
- At this stage we would consider taking a ministry position elsewhere, though this is complicated by our time-frame
- I will be considering part- or full- time non-ministry positions

That's where we are at. I'd appreciate your prayers in this matter (and some discretion) (I know this is the internet)

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