Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Recent Occurrences

It's been over 2 weeks since a post! I feel neglectful. Here is a short summary of recent goings-on.

I enjoyed a fabulous week at Macquarie Uni being introduced to papyrology, as well as reading through Euripides' Helen.

I put together and presented a short paper outlining my thesis proposal on John Chrysostom. The crux of my work is to examine his homilies on John for evidences of common pro-Nicene strategies, building on Lewis Ayres' work, and to consider what, if any, are the implications of that. I haven't got a lot of focus in my study habits since I finished the last exam. I really need to spend some time and plan out my work and get to it.

I've concluded a preaching series on John, after 5 months. I'm still trying to get the audio available, but will upload 14-21 when I can.

The wife and I enjoyed a lovely production of Shakespeare's Pericles at the Opera House.

I've been playing inordinate amounts of Mount and Blade. I started playing Total War: Empire, which is great. But then I played a demo of M&B and was hooked, and the modding community for it is excellent, so it is very addictive.

Lastly, this week my church is doing some visitation and handing out free copies of Luke.

I hope to sort through the Patristics Carnival data in a few days, still waiting for a second batch of material, and then it should be up.

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