Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Getting into some Euripides

Next week I'm off doing an intensive, actually two (morning and afternoon). The morning course is advanced classical Greek, reading Euripides' Helen. It's the most difficult Greek I've ever worked with. Koine is fine, always fine. I've read a little classical stuff, but mainly prose, a little oratory. Drama is a whole new ball game. So, this week I'm working away trying to prepare notes and translations and the like.

The afternoon intensive is some work on reading NT papyri, which will be something new again. Looking forward to both, but it will be a jam-packed week.

Have begun working with Rico's Πόλις course, will write some thoughts on it a few weeks down the track. Just trying to ease back into my 'normal' language-study routine (how quickly they get rusty!).

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