Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Index to Patristic Trinitarian Thought posts

Here is an index to all the posts in the (PTT) series. I have divided them into categories for reference. They represent the summaries of a reading course in 4th century trinitarian theology that I am about to complete (exam on 1st July, 9am AEST). There are a couple more posts to come, which I will update this post with, and later I will compile them and offer a single file for download. Hope you enjoy!

Backgrounds to Nicaea
Starting with but not at Nicaea
The late 320s and 330s
The 340s
The 350s
The 360s
The 370s
381 and Beyond

Key Figures
Athanasius I
Basil of Caesarea I
Basil of Caesarea II
Gregory of Nazianzus I
Gregory of Nyssa I
Augustine I
Augustine IV (Gunton, Ormerod, Barnes)
Hilary of Poitiers

Athanasius II (Orationes Contra Arianos)
Basil of Caesarea III (De Spiritu Sancto, Epistles)
Novatian (De Trinitate)
Tertullian (Adversus Praxean)
Gregory of Nazianzus II (Theological Orations)
Gregory of Nyssa II (Ad Ablabium)
Augustine II (Answer to Maximinus)
Augustine III (De Trinitate)

Ayres, Nicaea and its Legacy I
Ayres, Nicaea and its Legacy II
Ayres, Nicaea and its Legacy III
Ayres, Nicaea and its Legacy IV
Ayres, Nicaea and its Legacy V
Ayres, Nicaea and its Legacy IV
T.F. Torrance and the construction of Nicene Orthodoxy
T.F. Torrance and the Ignorance of Christ
T.F. Torrance on Atonement and the Greek Fathers

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Robert said...

I have been putting these posts in a notebook and carefully reading them as I have time. Thanks for providing this index divided into helpful categories.
I am reminded again how we, today, stand on the shoulders of such giants that God provided at the early beginnings of the Church's history.
Houston, Texas, USA