Thursday, June 11, 2009

Help me put Cyprian into shape

I have a thesis written in 2007 examining Cyprian's treatment of martyrdom in terms of exhortation, through commentary on Epistles 10, 58, 76, and Ad Fortunatum. All told, Latin and footnotes included, it runs to 20,000 words or so. I'd like to do something a little more constructive with it, but it has some structural deficits (a combination of the pressures of time, word length, and my own failure to integrate the work). It's now a couple of years since I did this work, but I'm wondering if any of my readers would take the time to read through the project as is, and make some suggestions to how I might rework it and do something more presentable. If that's you, please send me an email or comment, and I'll pass on the work to you.


mike said...

I could ask my wife if she'd be interested. Every once in a while she says something about wanting to get back into maintaining her Latin, which lately has been limited to reading from the Vulgate.

Seumas Macdonald said...

Sure, if she's up for it.