Monday, May 04, 2009

Hilary of Poitiers, 1

This week I'm reading my way through Hilary, De Trinitate and Epistula de Synodis. My reading schedule for the next 7 weeks is quite hectic. In my note-taking he also gets abbreviated to HP, which I find mildly amusing. Anyway, he's very quotable, even in the NPNF translation! Here's a great quote (from many) for today:

For He took upon Him the flesh in which we have sinned that by wearing our flesh He might forgive sins; a flesh which He shares with us by wearing it, not by sinning in it. He blotted out through death the sentence of death, that by a new creation of our race in Himself He might sweep away the penalty appointed by the former Law. He let them nail Him to the cross that He might nail to the curse of the cross and abolish all the curses to which the world is condemned. He suffered as man to the utmost that He might put powers to shame. For Scripture had foretold that He Who is God should die; that the victory and triumph of them that trust in Him lay in the fact that He, Who is immortal and cannot be overcome by death, was to die that mortals might gain eternity.
- De Trinitate, I.13

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