Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Classics Desideratum

It's all very well to have fine volumes like the Cambridge Green and Yellow editions with one book of the Aeneid and an awful lot of notes, but I'd really like to see a line of Classical texts printed with:
- The full-text of a work (ie, all of (the surviving books of) Tacitus' Annales, not just a single book.
- A streamlined vocabulary/glossary
- Just enough notes to explain difficult constructions
- Ideally, marked long vowels (not long syllables)
- Paperback
- Reasonably priced

In effect, a reading edition for those who are past the grammar-learning stage, who would like to read a fine classical text, with the minimum of helps (but not no helps!), and the maximum of value.

I know editions like the Bristol Classics and the Duckworth are in this direction (I just ordered Aeneid I-VI and VII-XII), but I think we could do better.

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