Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indices to Migne on Google

I was searching around today for a text of Didymus the Blind's De Trinitate (I'm thinking I might commence a translation into English. So far as I know there doesn't exist one. If it goes well, I might write a theological commentary on it too) and came across the following very helpful links:

An index to Google Scans of Migne's Greek Patrology
An index to Google Scans of Migne's Latin Patrology

There's a lot of great freely available source texts in their original languages now being made available online, half the problem is always just tracking things down. This might help a little. Great work.


Roger Pearse said...

Interested in your interest in Didmyus the Blind, De Trinitate. I don't think an English translation exists. Does any modern language version exist, I wonder?

Anything you could do into English would be good stuff. I think it's quite lengthy, but it has some interesting material on pagan philosophers predicting the events of the life of Christ.

What draws you to it?

Seumas Macdonald said...

I've had some professors mention it several times as a not-insignificant contribution to Trinitarian theological debates, and gently prod that I might translate it. I think there's also just that general desire to tap into something without any English Translation. It's kind of breaking new ground.

Roger Pearse said...

It's in three books, as I recall. Migne, vol. 39, cols. 269-992. Not sure that there is any critical text, even.

The work is CPG vol. 2, 2570, which gives the PG as the most recent text, reprinting the Mingarelli text of 1769. The PG39 contents are here, in PDF's of electronic Greek text.

Looking down the CPG page I can see a short spurious work, the "Dialexis of a Montanist and an Orthodox" (#2572), which was published in ZKG 26 (1905) pp. 447-463. That sounds interesting too!

How would one attack something as long as De Trinitate?

Seumas Macdonald said...

Thanks for the links.

I have no real plan of attack beyond making a start and translating a few lines a day, and then more as skill and time permits. I already have a good discipline for language study and work, so I think it would slot in nicely. Might take a while though.

Seumas Macdonald said...

Roger, any thoughts on where I might find a digitised text of De Spiritu Sancto? It's in the same Migne volume but only survives in a Latin translation attributed to Jerome.

Roger Pearse said...

None at all, I'm afraid, if a Google search doesn't turn it up. I'd try to get a modern edition -- they scan better -- and create your own.