Monday, April 20, 2009

Gospel Stimulus Package

Recently the Australian Government gave most tax-payers (well, the process is still in progress), $900 as part of their Economic Stimulus Package. The basic idea is give some unexpected money to people and they will dutifully spend it as the contented materialist creatures they are.

But I live for Jesus. So my question was, how can I use this money to further Jesus' kingdom?

1. I gave some of the money to my local church. As missionaries for Jesus in our local area, we are the ones who need to fund local mission.

2. I gave some of the money to support a full-time supported Gospel worker. I know he needs money, and I know God is doing good work through him, so I spent some of the money on supplying his needs.

3. I funded translation work. The Scriptures are vital to the spread of Jesus' Kingdom, so I invested some of the money in the lasting legacy of Bible translation ministry.

4. I invested in myself. Instead of spending the money on more consumer gadgets, a nice time, etc., I set aside some of the money for theological resources for the years to come, to aid my own Gospel ministry, that I may be part of God's means to advance Jesus' kingdom.

I share this to challenge my fellow Aussies who love Christ - how can you use $900 to advance Jesus' kingdom?

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Justin said...

GOod word, Seumas.