Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The past few days I've been reminded, and incredibly saddened, by the enormous amount of brokenness in our world. People's lives are just messy, broken, painful, disastrous. Often it's the result of their own sinfulness, they've just poured themselves into chasing the lusts of the flesh and the world, and they got them. They caught up and feasted upon all the joys of indulging every sensual delight, and now they're pieces of cheap meat staggering from one degrading episode to the next.

Others have been holding up the fa├žade for way too long, stitching up the little wounds and bearing it all and finally the whole edifice crumbles, the walls of pretension come crushing down and the unforgiveness and the hurts of a lifetime are raw, exposed, and debilitating.

Some carry on too long in the assurance of their success and ability, blind to the realities around them, they have walled themselves up and feel smug and self-satisfied in their so called 'righteousness'.

Others again are not hard-headed, but hard-hearted, and words of grace and truth fail to sink into their souls and foster real change.

And I too am broken. And I pray. And I long for Jesus to return.


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