Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Change of view

Last year we worked hard to get into our local high school, which has a fairly poor and tough reputation. The authorities that be gave us a fairly open door to run seminar-days and present the gospel.

This year we'd arranged to move to weekly classes of special religious education (SRE), but I've just heard back that the start of the school year has been really unsettled, with a lot of fights. The school executive has decided to restrict and cancel all non-core activities, including outside visits and excursions. That includes us.

I'll meet with the school later this week to discuss arrangements and possibilities for Term 2 and onwards. In the meantime, I now find myself (and our youth worker), with about 8 free work-hours. The question now is, "Where will we find opportunities to meet people, be a blessing to others, and share the gospel?"

Pray for the school, and pray for the new opportunity this opens up of free-time in my schedule.

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