Friday, February 27, 2009

Brief trip through recent days

Posting average is way down... here's what I've actually been up to lately.

1. Reading the Fathers. I made it through Athanasius' Orationes contra Arianos, which took some time but was well worth it. Last week I spent with Basil in De Spiritu Sancto and some of his Epistles, this week I've been reading Gregory Nazianzen's Theological Orations. It's a great experience. I'm still keenly aware that I owe Nick Norelli a blog post on the trinity very shortly though.

2. With the Ruth sermon series finished (sadly chapter 4 involved some equipment failure and so no audio), this week we're launching into John, which I'm pretty excited about. I wish Chrysostom hadn't written so many homilies just on chapter 1 though!

3. Speaking of John's Gospel, I'm auditing a subject on narrative criticism and John's gospel, which I'm still woefully behind on because I haven't got stuck into the readings yet.

4. Just yesterday we started a new ministry opportunity in a local boys' juvenile detention centre. We met with the chaplain earlier this week, and went in yesterday. It will be a slow, regular process of getting to know the guys inside and building a relationship with them and sharing faith and life together.

5. I'd quite like to go the APECSS Conference in Japan this year, but without a paper to present I can't really justify it at all. So if you have any suggestions for some research I could do on Early Christian Letters, I'd love to take them and run with it.


Roger Pearse said...

You could do something on Isidore of Pelusium. Quite a few of his letters are exegetical, and few have been translated into English.

Seumas Macdonald said...

Thanks for the suggestion. The price of flights to Japan and my current workload make me sceptical of whether it's worth going for it, but I'll give it some thought.

Roger Pearse said...

Probably good points.

There is no critical text of the first 1200-odd letters at all, which means one can start with Migne. But don't let me sidetrack you!