Friday, December 12, 2008

The Power of the Media: exemplum

I work in an area of Sydney known for difficulty, and a large proportion of our area I would term the 'suburban poor'. They live in government housing, have poor prospects, and compounded social issues. We run an Emergency Relief outfit from our church, providing food vouchers, electricity coupons, etc., for those in need. For Christmas, we had a sizeable number of hampers of food and toys to give to some of our clients.

Earlier in the week some thieves broke in and stole our treasures. Yesterday channels 7, 9, 10 all ran stories on it, and in response today people responded - charity organisations restocked our hampers, others provided even more stuff, private citizens dropped in and dropped off their own donations, and the NSW Premier and the local MP both made an appearance, the Premier to donate $10,000 to our work. So, naturally, there were more cameras and more reporters, and we'll be back on the news tonight.

It's all a reminder of the power of mainstream media, and not least a reminder that God can and does work through the worst to bring the best.

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