Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Road Map: Posts to Come

I make no promises, but I've been thinking about how I can use blogging to more sharply put down my thoughts and bring them into written form. So, starting next week I'm going to try writing some regular entries, possibly 3-5 a week. These will include:

- finishing up a few posts on A Kingdom of Priests
- I will begin a long exegetical series entitled Pax Christi, in which I will work through the biblical data on violence and pacifism. We'll begin with the gospels, expand through the NT, and then work through the OT. My hope is to build a long-term exegetical case for a biblical theology of pacifism.

Interestingly, much as I appreciate both of them this post brings into sharp relief a difference between Piper and Driscoll. Piper (and his family I would think) have a faith committed to martyrdom, Driscoll has a theology that seems to demand killing, not dying, for his family.

- Possibly, I will write an exegetical series through Revelation, commentary style.
- Probably, I will write a series of posts examining Matthew's Christology in relation to his use of the Old Testament (this forms my second MTh subject)
- A series of poetry-analyses, 'The poetics of punk', in which I will critically analyse lyrics to punk songs.

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The Pook said...

I'm not sure how much 'Pacifism' can be treated as a generic subject apart from its particular manifestations. The example you give at an individual level of martyrdom v. self defense is very different from the case of nations at war, police forces protecting citizens from a crazed gunman, or citizens claiming the right to kill to protect property. And a dozen other instances, all of which I think need to be debated on their merits in their own situation, since what applies individually does not always apply corporately or nationally on a larger scale. I'm not convinced that a one size fits all principle can apply when it comes to Pacifism.